Childers: 1.5 million reasons to watch

The Journal Record
By Adam Childers
March 31, 2011

Many of you reading this column have experienced employment litigation before. If you have, then you know how it feels to face an avalanche of pleadings, discovery requests galore and hour after hour of depositions. That is before you ever get to trial. In other words, a single lawsuit filed by just one disgruntled employee can tie up a company in heavy litigation costs for several years.

Now, just imagine if instead of being sued by only one unhappy worker, your company was simultaneously sued by 1.5 million of its current and past employees? That is the staggering situation that Wal-Mart finds itself in, and the burden of that predicament is exactly why Wal-Mart has sought legal relief all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Just two days ago the nation’s highest court entertained oral arguments in a case that showcases the simmering tensions between corporate America and its stated desire for less regulation and red tape, and the cries of employee rights advocates for increased protections of the rights of workers.


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