Can first-year law students apply to the Summer Associate Program?
A first year law student may apply for a summer associate position by submitting his or her resume, transcript and a writing sample to the recruiting chair(s) or recruiting coordinator any time after December 1 of his or her first semester of law school.

Does the firm allow summer associates to split their summer with other firms?
The firm allows summer associates to split their summer with other firms, however at the Oklahoma City and Tulsa offices, we request a minimum six week commitment to our summer program in the first half of the summer. 

Do law students need to have well-defined interests in particular areas of law before they begin the Summer Associate Program?
Our summer program is very flexible, and we encourage summer associates to try out as many practice areas as possible so they can find one that suits them. 

Can I participate in the Summer Associate Program at one Crowe & Dunlevy office and later join a different office for full-time employment?
It is conceivable that a summer associate could participate in one office's summer associate program and subsequently join a different office for full-time employment. However, it is recommended that the summer associate work in the office he or she desires to join to increase his or her chances of full-time employment.

What is the office dress code?
The firm maintains an executive casual dress code as defined in the firm's handbook. However, attorneys and summer associates must also dress in accordance with their schedule. For example, if an attorney or summer associate will be appearing in court, professional dress is required.

Does the firm permit law students to defer the beginning of full-time employment after law school for students who receive judicial clerkships?
This situation is determined on a case by case basis. Historically, when it is feasible, the firm has allowed such deferrals. The firm has many attorneys who have clerked for judges across the United States.

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