Labor & Employment Webinar Series: Week 1

In Case of Emergency, the Flotation Device is Located Under Your Seat—Reductions in Force, Furloughs and Other Post-Termination Pandemic Considerations

Employers are faced with the challenge of making difficult personnel choices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As business revenue continues to drop with no end to the global health crisis in sight, companies will need to reduce the bottom line to make ends meet.

This can include the possibility of implementing a reduction in force (RIF), a temporary furlough, a voluntary retirement program or a combination of the three. Legal obligations that accompany these actions, as well as other post-employment considerations (restrictive covenants, separation agreements and protection of company property and trade secrets), create a heavy workload for human resources professionals already struggling to comply with federal and state COVID-19 guidelines and managing the impact of schools operating under unusual schedules.

This webinar is designed to help human resources professionals understand the legal pitfalls associated with RIFs, furloughs and other post-employment considerations as we continue to navigate the new normal.

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