Alternative Dispute Resolution

Crowe & Dunlevy is committed to the effective and efficient resolution of disputes in which our clients are involved, as well as to the practice of preventive law. The firm’s attorneys are knowledgeable about and experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods. Alternative dispute resolution procedures include arbitration, mediation, med-arb and mini trials. Similarly, the firm suggests various forms of dispute resolution methodologies for inclusion in appropriate contracts to which clients are parties.

The firm is a member of the Center for Public Resources, Inc. Legal Program to Develop Alternatives to Litigation, and has adopted the Policy Statement on Alternatives to Litigation suggested by the organization. A number of attorneys in the firm are trained as mediators, arbitrators and hearing officers. In addition, our attorneys have been active as speakers and authors on alternative dispute resolution topics at the American Arbitration Association and Center for Public Resources.

Crowe & Dunlevy attorneys have extensive alternative dispute resolution experience in:

  • Labor/Management relations
  • Domain name disputes
  • Litigation settlements
  • Family practice dispute resolution
  • Business dispute mediation
  • Business transactional and contractual disputes
  • Medical arbitration
  • Tort law
  • Insurance law
  • Class Action matters
  • Intellectual property
  • Alternative dispute resolution as a component of litigation practice

The use of alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve a wide variety of disputes has grown extensively in recent years. We typically screen all litigation matters for alternative dispute resolution potential. Our attorneys are available to conduct a legal audit of a client’s activities to identify problem areas and avoid or mitigate future disputes.

Alternative dispute resolution is appropriate in a wide variety of business settings. It has long been used to settle business disputes in labor-management matters, construction, insurance, computer technology and securities matters. However, alternative dispute resolution is used increasingly to settle disputes arising out of business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. The confidentiality and relative speed of alternative dispute resolution is of particular benefit in the business context, minimizing the adverse effect of unfavorable publicity and protracted acrimony on future business dealings between the parties and others in their industries.

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