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Bank charter application and protest; Restructure financing for bank holding company with regulatory approval; Obtain regulatory approval for organization and operation of bank subsidiaries; Obtain regulatory approval for organization and operation of bank holding company subsidiaries; Negotiate reversal of one billion dollars in loan participations for FDIC with multiple lenders; Hostile tender offer for publicly traded company by publicly traded company; Acquisition and Development of Founders Plaza, a 20 acre commercial development; Redevelopment and construction of Timber Ridge, a residential community; Redevelopment and construction of The Trails, a residential community; Development and construction of Robinson Plaza, a central business district office building; Senior Notes and Credit Agreement for interstate trucking company; Credit Facility with interest rate swaps for publicly traded energy company; Credit Agreement for road machinery manufacturer; Credit Agreement for integrated dairy and retail sales business; Credit Agreement for retail furniture business; Oklahoma Development Finance Authority 1990 Pooled Business Financing Program; Complete Debt Restructure for publicly traded conglomerate including issuance of new securities; Acquisition and Refinance of two recreational theme parks; Senior Secured Term Debt and Credit Agreement for large gathering and pipeline transmission company; Debtor in possession financing for petro-chemical equipment manufacturing company; Debtor in possession financing for nursing homes; Finance distribution of feature length commercial movie; Contract and export licensing of engineering technology into European Common Market; International Letters of Credit to finance export and import of goods and technology.

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