Indian Law & Gaming

The Indian Law & Gaming Practice Group provides strategic legal advice from the broad collective experience of attorneys throughout our firm. We represent not only Indian tribal governments and Alaskan native entities on matters relating to sovereignty, economic development and governmental objectives, but also tribal corporations and affiliated entities, and the nontribal clients who work with them.

We provide counsel regarding the complex matters of federal Indian law and the interrelationship with state and tribal laws. The firm works closely with tribal leadership and tribal attorneys, as well as others doing business with tribes, to provide advice to form the foundation for well-reasoned policy and strategic decisions as well as the implementation of these strategies to meet our clients’ objectives.

We have significant experience providing legal advice and counsel in a broad range of areas impacted in whole or in part by Indian law including:

  • Tribal sovereignty and tribal jurisdiction, including governmental infrastructure and tribal courts
  • Gaming development, regulation and compacts
  • State compact issues, cooperative agreements, including cigarette and tobacco tax matters relating to sales in Indian country and matters of mutual governmental interest including law enforcement, prisons, roads and healthcare
  • Economic development and strategic planning issues
  • Corporate, resort, casino and hospitality management
  • Construction law, financing, leasing and related commercial development
  • Labor and employment issues regarding management responses to union organization efforts, equal employment and tribal employment preference issues
  • Finance and access to venture capital markets
  • Banking and corporate
  • Management and collateral agreements, development agreements
  • Taxation – tribal/state/federal issues
  • Real estate transactions, zoning and land use issues
  • Land selection and acquisition for Indian gaming and other tribal purposes
  • Natural resource, water & mineral development
  • Environmental issues
  • Sacred sites, historical and cultural resources
  • Federal recognition of tribes, appropriations, contracts and federal advocacy
  • Code of laws and tribal regulations/policies and constitutional issues
  • Elections and political law
  • Health law, including the Indian Health Service and healthcare entities and providers who work with or contract with tribes
  • Trial and appellate litigation in tribal, federal and state courts
  • Products liability
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Administrative and regulatory representation before tribal gaming commissions, National Indian Gaming Commission, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, state gaming agencies, the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, and the Interior Board of Indian Appeals

Client Comments*

“The Eastern Shawnee Tribe has always been pleased with the results delivered by Crowe & Dunlevy. Our principal contact is Mike McBride. He always makes himself available or offers a message indicating who to reach if he is unavailable. He completes his work in a timely, professional manner. If he is not the appropriate authority on a topic, he connects us to someone in the firm who is the authority. We have never been disappointed and recommend the entire firm highly.” – Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

“Crowe & Dunlevy is also said to be ‘preeminent in Indian law and gaming. This is a pillar of that firm. In this capacity, a client vouches, “Their primary strength was their ability to move swiftly regarding any legal action facing our tribe and how they were successful in defending our inherent sovereign rights.” – 2017 Benchmark Litigation Guidebook**

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Crowe & Dunlevy attorney elected officer of the International Masters of Gaming Law – Mike McBride III was recently named second executive vice president for the International Masters of Gaming Law (February 2016)

Crowe & Dunlevy enhances Indian Law & Gaming Practice Group – Christina M. Vaughn and Jennifer N. Lamirand join the firm in Tulsa and Oklahoma City (January 2016)

*Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its merits.

**Crowe & Dunlevy provides no input for Benchmark Litigation methodology. View information about the selection process online.

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