The firm’s attorneys have handled thousands of cases involving insurance coverage and tort disputes, including claims for policy rescission and cancellation, interpleader of policy proceeds into court, and bad faith claims. We represent numerous life, health and business insurance companies, as well as agencies, plan administrators and individuals in need of insurance representation.

Crowe & Dunlevy attorneys actively practice in the following insurance litigation areas:

Insurance Tort Litigation

Increasingly outside ERISA’s preemptive umbrella, claims such as bad faith and fraud are particularly dangerous because of the significant punitive damages exposure involved.

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Examples of the varied business coverage issues recently handled by Crowe & Dunlevy insurance litigation attorneys include:

  • Advertising injury coverage
  • Automobile coverage liability
  • Business liability under Comprehensive General Liability policies
  • Directors & Officers, and Errors & Omissions
  • Liability coverage under various types of insurance policies
  • Environmental insurance coverage
  • International law aspects of aircraft insurance coverage
  • Insurance coverage of claims in employment and agent termination cases
  • Life, health and disability insurance coverage
  • Medical necessity determinations under health insurance and managed care contracts
  • Mortgage insurance coverage
  • Oil well blowout coverage under various types of policies

ERISA Litigation

Crowe & Dunlevy ERISA attorneys frequently handle cases involving:

  • Insurance benefits
  • Tort claims testing the boundaries of ERISA preemption, such as alleged pre-plan fraud
  • Continued medical coverage under COBRA and state statutes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Claims for wrongful termination for exercising ERISA rights
  • Claims for penalties for failing to furnish information or notice under ERISA and COBRA

Managed Care Litigation

Crowe & Dunlevy attorneys have been and are now involved in landmark cases concerning the limits of ERISA’s application to claims against managed care organizations. Where ERISA is found inapplicable, our attorneys have aggressively represented clients’ interests in a wide variety of cases brought by patients and providers.

Administrative Law & Regulatory Matters

Because insurance is a highly regulated area of the law, we also handle a wide variety of matters before the Oklahoma Insurance Commission. Such matters often involve a consumer complaint about an insurance company’s handling of claims or an agent’s solicitation practices.

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