We have represented taxpayers on taxation law issues for more than 50 years. Taxation complexities impact every economic sphere, beginning locally and expanding to include global economies. The firm’s taxation attorneys are thoroughly familiar with an increasingly complex array of statutes, regulations and decisional law.

The firm’s taxation practice is concentrated in two general areas: tax planning and tax litigation. Attorneys in these two areas work together, sharing information, ideas and resources on client matters, in order to keep abreast of the constantly changing legislative, administrative and judicial developments.

Tax Planning Services

Our attorneys focus on desired tax results and implement plans to achieve these goals. We routinely provide tax opinions and obtain private letter rulings from the Internal Revenue Service and the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The firm’s tax planning services cover all types of federal, Oklahoma and local taxes, including but not limited to:

  • Federal and Oklahoma income tax
  • Federal payroll based taxes
  • Federal excise taxes
  • Oklahoma sales and use taxes
  • Oklahoma aircraft and motor vehicle excise taxes
  • Oklahoma gross production taxes

We provide tax planning services to individuals and entities of all types and structures, including tax-exempt entities, such as hospitals, foundations and charitable trusts.

Tax Litigation Practice

This portion of our tax practice relates primarily to the defense of claims for additional taxes against taxpayers brought primarily by the Internal Revenue Service or Oklahoma Tax Commission, although other taxing authorities may be involved. We represent clients in audits, administrative appeals, Internal Revenue Service National Office Technical Advice Conferences as well as in trials and appeals before judicial courts. Crowe & Dunlevy represents clients on tax issues before all Oklahoma and Federal Courts.

We also represent taxpayers who are being investigated for or accused of criminal violations of various tax statutes.

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