Crowe & Dunlevy Recognized as a Certified Healthy Business

For second-straight year, firm honored for its positive impact on health of employees and patrons

OKLAHOMA CITY – For the second consecutive year, Crowe & Dunlevy has achieved the designation of a Certified Healthy Business, recognizing the firm’s commitment to making a positive impact on the health of employees and patrons, as well as its contribution in creating a healthy environment for the future of Oklahoma.

Certified Healthy Oklahoma applicants are rated on several factors, including organizational supports, tobacco control, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, mental health, chronic disease prevention and management, occupational health and safety as well as health promotion.

By meeting most or all of these criteria, the firm provides an environment to foster healthy behaviors. The policies, programs and procedures that Crowe & Dunlevy has implemented are designed to continue to positively impact not only employees, but visitors and employees’ families, as well.

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program is a free, voluntary statewide certification. The certification showcases businesses, campuses, communities, congregations, early childhood programs, restaurants and schools that are committed to supporting healthy choices through environmental and policy change. These entities are working to improve the health of Oklahomans by implementing elements, policies, and programs that will help Oklahomans eat better, move more and be tobacco free.