We can help with export controls, regulatory schemes, and a host of other tax and legal issues regarding cross-border transactions and international investments. Crowe & Dunlevy’s affiliation with Lex Mundi provides our attorneys and clients seamless access to an international network of thousands of attorneys in leading firms in more than 100 countries. Our internal experience, combined with Lex Mundi’s resources, equip our firm to advise our clients regarding any international legal issues they encounter.

Cross-Border Transactions

International transactions are commonplace in business today, but structuring and implementing them is seldom a routine exercise. Crowe & Dunlevy houses significant experience in structuring and implementing cross-border corporate, partnership and limited liability company transactions in the form of tax-free and taxable mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, reorganizations and joint ventures. Our cross-functional team of attorneys are knowledgeable in a broad range of international legal issues including tax, M&A, technology, securities, real estate, antitrust, environment, labor, export controls, financing, outsourcing and intellectual property. We coordinate multiple work streams with counsel in various geographic locations, and partner with our clients to create transactional structures that prioritize business goals while carefully considering the legal implications and regulatory requirements at home and abroad.

Export Controls

Compliance with export controls becomes increasingly challenging as U.S. government agencies enhance their enforcement efforts—often with multiple federal agencies administering overlapping and conflicting rules. Even organizations whose operations remain wholly within the U.S. may, in certain circumstances, require an export license. Failure to comply with export controls can result in the imposition of heavy fines and penalties and damage an organization’s reputation.

Crowe & Dunlevy can help your company adopt and implement an export management and compliance program (EMCP) to stave off violations and mitigate penalties that could arise in accidental violations. We help clients create EMCPs and conduct gap analyses to identify trouble spots in systems and processes. Additionally, we can assess whether an export control license is required for products, software, technologies and transactions under the EAR, ITAR, OFAC or other agency regulations, and assist with the Census Bureau’s AES filings.

International Anti-Corruption Laws

Crowe & Dunlevy’s attorneys are familiar with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Anti-Money Laundering laws and other anti-corruption regulatory schemes. Our attorneys conduct internal investigations and design compliance programs to anticipate and prevent problems that could arise as companies execute their global strategies.

International Tax

U.S. companies and individuals with investments and operations outside the United States are potentially subject to tax under the laws of the local jurisdictions, as well as a myriad of complex U.S. tax provisions. Crowe & Dunlevy advises U.S.-based clients regarding international tax issues governing their cross-border manufacturing, mineral extraction, sales, financing, cash repatriation, intellectual property ownership, and supply chain optimization. We assist clients with the reporting requirements for interests in foreign corporations, partnerships, trusts, and offshore financial accounts. Crowe & Dunlevy can also help you respond to tax audits, negotiate government incentives, and analyze transfer pricing considerations.

Companies and individuals that are not U.S. residents but have investments and operations in the United States must navigate the applicable U.S. tax rules. Crowe & Dunlevy can help you select a business vehicle, structure transactions, evaluate operating alternatives, and develop a tax-efficient exit from the United States.

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