As the world becomes smaller, more and more clients find that their daily operations take them overseas. Client operations routinely comprise cross-border transactions and international investments that trigger export controls and other international regulatory schemes. Crowe & Dunlevy attorneys help clients maneuver through international territory as they strategize to stay ahead of the curve and meet global demand. Our exclusive affiliation with Lex Mundi gives clients worldwide reach to an international network of law firms in over 100 countries and offers the benefit of exceptional global legal expertise.

Export Control

Compliance with export controls becomes increasingly relevant to client operations as government agencies emphasize enforcement with the U.S. export regulatory framework. These complex controls are broad in their application and stem from a variety of sometimes conflicting sources and federal agencies. Even organizations whose operations remain wholly within the U.S. may, in certain circumstances, require an export license. Failure to comply with export controls can result in the imposition of heavy fines and penalties, as well as inflict damage to an organization’s reputation.

Compliance with export controls requires an awareness of this complex set of regulations and their wide-ranging application. The adoption and implementation of an effective export management and compliance program (EMCP) helps stave off violations and mitigates penalties if and when an accidental violation occurs. Crowe & Dunlevy attorneys can assess whether an export control license is required for products, software, technologies and transactions under the EAR, ITAR, OFAC or other agency regulations and assist with the Census Bureau’s AES filings. We also help clients create EMCP’s and conduct gap analyses to identify trouble spots in system processes.

Cross-Border Transactions

International transactions are commonplace in business today but their structure and implementation are not. Crowe & Dunlevy advise clients on complex transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and banking transactions that span geographic boundaries, as well as routine business agreements with international reach or with global partners.

A cross-border transaction can require coordination of multiple work streams working in tandem with counsel in various geographic locations. We help clients create transactional structures that achieve business goals while carefully considering legal implications and regulatory requirements at home and abroad. Our cross-functional team of legal professionals are knowledgeable in areas including technology, securities, real estate, antitrust, environment, taxation, labor, export control, financing, M&A, outsourcing and intellectual property.

International Anti-Corruption Laws

As clients maneuver through international territory, we advise them on international anti-corruption laws. Our team of legal professionals includes former government officials who are familiar with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Anti-Money Laundering laws and other anti-corruption regulatory schemes. Our attorneys help structure internal investigations and compliance programs to fend off issues that may arise as clients realize global strategies.

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