Webinar: Global Employer’s Guide to Cross-Border Work

Labor & Employment Practice Group attorney Mary P. Snyder will speak on a virtual panel hosted by the Employment Law Alliance at 9 a.m. CT Wed., Sept. 15, 2021.

The webinar, “Global Employer’s Guide to Cross-border Work,” will address some of the issues that come up when hiring or moving employees internationally. The panel will tackle key topics including: 

  • Immigration/visa requirements & work permits
  • Complying with local labor and employment laws
  • Whether a formal employment contract is required (or advisable)
  • How to handle employee benefit plan issues (e.g. medical coverage, insurance and retirement plans)
  • Individual and corporate tax issues that affect the employer and the employee, data privacy, and export controls

Sample scenarios and options for structuring these arrangements will be discussed, as well as the pros and cons of setting up subsidiaries, entering independent contractor arrangements, and using a third party service provider to act as the employer of record.

Visit the ELA webinar page to find more information and register.

About the Employment Law Alliance
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