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March 3, 2021

Episode 6: Commercial/Retail Therapy: Assessing the Pandemic’s Impact on Real Estate

From shut down orders to missed or delayed payments, tenants and landlords alike have endured financial hardships brought on by the pandemic, causing a domino-effect of economic consequences in the U.S. during the last year. Moving forward, what contingency considerations should both parties be aware of when it comes to lease agreements, and how should pre-pandemic Force Majeure clauses be given a careful update? Real Estate Practice Group member Zach Allen discusses changes to standard contracts and agreements all parties should pay close attention to and consider.


February 18, 2021

Episode 5: What Happened Between Robinhood, Reddit and GameStop?

The scenario that briefly rocked the investing world involving Wall Street and free trading app Robinhood provides nothing short of all the twists and turns fit for a Hollywood thriller. Headlines and social media quickly spread rumors and misinformation leaving investors puzzled. What happened, how did it happen, and what can the public, investors of all ages and brokerage firms learn moving forward? Securities Litigation, Enforcement & Compliance Practice Group Co-chair Tara A. LaClair separates fact from fiction in this episode of Briefly Legal.


February 3, 2021

Episode 4: How are Your Company’s Taxes Impacted by the New U.S. DOL Rule on Independent Contractors?

In a growing gig economy, employers find much-needed clarity from the U.S. DOL’s latest new rule on independent contractors. But when it comes to tax implications, what can companies glean from the rule’s streamlining efforts, even if it doesn’t last under the Biden administration? Crowe & Dunlevy Taxation Practice Group attorney Christopher R. Haunschild weighs in on ideas, risks and gains associated with independent contractors, valuable aspects of the new rule and why companies could benefit from an audit of workers’ day-to-day activities.

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Are the New DOL Rules Regarding Independent Contractors DOA?


January 20, 2021

Episode 3: COVID-19 Vaccinations—Should They be Mandatory in the Workplace?

As Pfizer, Moderna and other COVID-19 vaccines roll out to the American public, employers are tasked with making careful decisions regarding whether or not to create a mandatory workplace vaccination program. Labor & Employment Practice Group attorney Tanya S. Bryant discusses her own research and experience advising clients on how to handle this tricky topic.

Additional Resources:
What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws (See section K)


January 20, 2021

Episode 2: OSHA Pitfalls to Avoid in 2021

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, OSHA’s more than $3 million in citations continues to increase as employers respond to meet the demands of unprecedented workplace challenges. So where are companies going wrong and what additional steps need to be taken, even if safety measures and policy updates were already implemented earlier in 2020? Allen L. Hutson discusses the most common pitfalls reported by OSHA thus far, what to understand about the General Duties Clause and his recommendations for how to keep workplaces safe and compliant in 2021.

Additional Resources:
U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA Announces $3,646,228 In Coronavirus Violation


January 20, 2021

Episode 1: Employment Law Under the Biden Administration

Is it “back to the future” for employment law? On Inauguration Day 2021, Labor & Employment Practice Group members Randall J. Snapp and Madalene A.B. Witterholt discuss what to expect with the Biden administration concerning everything from the EEOC and cabinet appointees to minimum wage and FMLA, as employers may see regulatory changes similar to those of the early Obama era.




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