2023 OCHRS Annual Legal Update

The Crowe & Dunlevy Labor & Employment Practice Group is proud to host the Oklahoma City Human Resources Society’s (OCHRS) Annual Legal Update taking place at the Will Rogers Theater, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. CT, Jan. 26, 2023.

Hosted by Tanya S. Bryant (OCHRS General Counsel), members of the Labor & Employment Practice Group will present, “2023 Employment Law Forecast: Will Employers Face a Frigid Winter or a Winter Wonderland?”

Topics will include:

As Kanye West and Kyrie Irving Create a Media Storm, Should Employers Renew Their Focus on Combatting Religious and National Origin Discrimination? | by Katie Campbell
Employment handbooks, policies, and trainings likely focus on eliminating many traditional forms of employment discrimination, but do they do enough to combat what appears to be a rise in anti-Semitic behavior? Join us for an overview of religious and national origin discrimination claims and how employers might best prevent, address, and remedy these issues. With these tips, employers can help avoid getting caught in a downpour of problems without an umbrella.

Rain, Snow or Shine: All are Welcome Here. How neurodiversity in the workplace can provide you with a competitive edge. | by Jaycee Booth
Neurodiverse individuals, or those with neurological or developmental conditions, are one of the most overlooked populations of workers. Finding ways to adjust your company’s recruitment strategies, hiring processes, and performance monitoring will allow you to tap into the unique and under-utilized talent pool. Many of these individuals will require workplace accommodations. This presentation will discuss methods for making these workplace accommodations manageable, so that your company can realize the benefits of hiring and retaining neurodiverse individuals.

Hot Air and Cold Hearts – How Politics in the Workplace Create a Storm Front that Should be Addressed Before Feelings are Hurt and Lawsuits Get Filed! | by Adam W. Childers
On the heels of the mid-term elections, 2023 brings all of us that much closer to the next presidential election cycle.  Which means we are that much closer to America’s peculiar brand of political hysteria fueled by social media, televised talking heads, memes, fake news, true news, and absurd news. That hysteria doesn’t just take place outside of work.  Increasingly, employees bring their entrenched political beliefs to work, practically daring others to take umbrage with their views.  Predictably this leads to arguments, loss of productivity, decrease in employee morale, and even harassment, discrimination, and unfair labor claims.  From what political imagery your employees are allowed to wear, to what they are allowed to say, to what they are allowed to access on your company’s servers, politics touches on almost every aspect of the workplace.  So, it’s time to start acting like it and game-planning what policies and procedures, training, and enforcement mechanisms to put in place before the political circus comes to town.


OCHRS members and nonmembers are invited to attend. Visit the OCHRS website to register and find more information.