2024 OKHR Conference

Crowe & Dunlevy is once again proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2024 OKHR Conference. We can’t wait to join more than 500 of Oklahoma’s human resource professionals April 16-18, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Tulsa.

Register today and make plans to attend our breakout sessions, swing by our booth in the exhibit hall and join our cast of Labor & Employment Practice Group attorneys for an interactive presentation that will equip HR professionals with the superpowers to guide them through their legal issues.

Breakout sessions on Wednesday, April 17, 2024:

PowHR Hour: It’s a Bird…No, it’s a Plane….No, it’s the Crowe & Dunlevy Labor and Employment Super-Heroes here to Vanquish Liability and Conquer Workplace Employment Law Issues!!! | 8:30 AM – Michael W. Bowling, Katie Campbell, Adam W. Childers, and Logan C. Hibbs
In this lively, entertaining, and interactive skit, audience members will be treated to a series of scenarios snatched from real-life and acted out by our thespians/attorneysEach vignette will showcase the travails and tribulations of Human Resources professionals as they navigate the employment law pitfalls of the modern-day workforce.  These scenarios will be played out not just for laughs and fun, but also for the chance to dissect each story and learn the legal lessons each one teachesFrom the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act to ADA accommodation issues to bullying and harassment and even an examination of protected speech and conduct in the office, this skit will canvass a wide swath of the issues that keep up HR professionals at night who are hoping for the (super)powers to guide them through these legal mazes. 

Knowledge is Power: Understanding the FSLA and Surviving a Department of Labor Audit | 2:00 PM – Madalene A.B. Witterholt

Back to Basics – A refresher on Wage and Hour laws with practical tips on topics like:

  • Managing and properly paying overtime
  • Setting workday parameters
  • The employees’ real hourly rate
  • Bonuses
  • Classifying employees
  • Changing employee classifications

All while keeping everyone happy. Then put your skills to the test by preparing for and powering through the inevitable Department of Labor Audit. What does the department want, what you have to give them, witness preparation and presentation all while minimizing the audit’s impact.