Strategies for Maximizing Outcomes in Oil and Gas Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights Practice Group chair William H. Hoch will co-present “Strategies for Maximizing Outcomes in Oil and Gas Bankruptcies” on Monday, April 12. The virtual presentation is part of a two-month series, Energy Restructuring and Insolvency Virtual Series hosted by Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms.

Will will co-present the session with David Payne, Managing Director of D.R. Payne and Associates, Inc., and will compare the pros and cons of employing a sale track versus a liquidating plan or chapter 11 restructuring plan track.

The discussion will address the highest and best outcome to creditors and why one track or the other may be preferred depending on the facts presented by the debtor’s financials, asset base, cash position, primary executory contracts and other factors.

Speakers will address the issue of why some cases go through a sale process while others proceed to a liquidating plan or restructuring plan. Ultimately, the evaluation is legal, financial and valuation driven.

This is a private virtual event open to Lex Mundi members, colleagues and partners.


Associated People:

William H. Hoch