2023 OKHR Conference

Crowe & Dunlevy is once again proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2023 OKHR Conference. We can’t wait to join more than 500 of Oklahoma’s human resource professionals April 25-27, 2023, at the new Oklahoma City Convention Center.

Register today and make plans to attend our breakout sessions, swing by our booth in the exhibit hall and join our cast of Labor & Employment Practice Group attorneys for a fun-filled “Labor & Entertainment” presentation.

Breakout sessions on Wednesday, April 26, 2023:

Oh No, it’s the Fun Police! There Goes the Workplace Raging Keg-Party… | 8:30 AM – Adam Childers, Madalene A.B. Witterholt, Tanya Bryant, Michael Bowling, and Jaycee Booth
Come one, come all, to this choose-your-own adventure skit in which attorneys turned thespians Adam, Madalene, Tanya, Michael, and Jaycee will put on a show for the audience in which a series of vignettes will play out original, funny, and insightful Human Resources scenarios in which HR is often viewed as the “Fun Police.”  The audience will be able to interact with the actors and help guide the scenarios based on feedback about controlling law and best practices.  Together, this merry troupe of actors/attorneys and the audience will take on difficult workplace challenges like the tension between free speech and unfair labor practices; romance in the workplace; the use of social media; off-site employee misconduct; and much more!

How to Have More Fun in 2023 by Learning From 2022 | 4:00 PM – Madalene A.B. Witterholt
This discussion will be a hands on analysis of recent case laws and administrative guidance.

Topics will include ADA Accommodations, OSHA compliance, Pregnancy and PUMP, FLSA, Retirement Plans, NLRB, Religious Accommodations, Title VII investigations and much more!  Participants will interact and determine what they should do and be guided towards Best Practices. Time permitting, attendees will pick topics of interest for discussion and information.