About the Firm

While the firm has a long history of seeking the best and brightest students, today's recruiting program traces its roots to 1960 when former American Bar Association President William G. Paul took the initiative to develop the recruiting program. Paul realized that in order to continue Crowe & Dunlevy's culture of excellence, a concerted effort had to be made to actively recruit, attract and retain the best law students across the country.

Today, more than 20 attorneys devoted to finding the next generation of great Crowe & Dunlevy attorneys serve on the recruiting committee. Led by attorneys Allen L. Hutson and Susan E. Huntsman, the goal of the committee is to ensure that students who are selected demonstrate the same core values and characteristics Paul was searching for when he started the program. 

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Firm Culture

Although Crowe & Dunlevy is one of the largest law firms in the state of Oklahoma, its culture is based on a friendly and collegial atmosphere.  Associates are encouraged and mentored by directors and senior associates who have the experiences to help guide them through the early stages of a career. Along the way, lifelong friendships are formed. 

During the summer recruiting season, the attorneys involved in guiding and mentoring summer associates want to do more than assign projects; they take an active interest in their professional and personal interests and pursuits.

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