D. Kent Meyers
 Initiative Petitions Chair


Initiative Petitions

For more than a century, Oklahoma has reserved to its citizens the right to propose, enact or reject both statutes and constitutional amendments. An initiative petition, also known as a popular or citizens’ initiative, is a means by which voters can propose a legislative measure (statutory initiative) or a constitutional amendment (constitutional initiative) by filing a petition signed by the required number of citizens, and have it placed on the ballot for submission to a vote of the people.

Of the 23 initiative petitions filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State since the last general election, only the three in which our firm represented the proponents—IP403/SQ799, IP404/SQ780, and IP405/SQ781—successfully made it through Oklahoma’s complex initiative petition process and onto the 2016 ballot.*

Experienced Lawyers

We have decades of experience shepherding initiatives through this process. We have successfully defended numerous initiatives from pre-election challenges to the constitutionality and legal sufficiency of the petition. Our attorneys have been involved in some way in nearly every statewide initiative petition that has been placed on the ballot in the last 50 years. We routinely advise proponents in the drafting, circulation, and filing of their initiative petitions. In other cases, our firm has successfully protested such initiatives, raising constitutional and other pre-election challenges before a measure is submitted to a vote of the people. We routinely handle signature challenges, ballot title challenges, and other types of challenges in the Oklahoma Supreme Court. We also have substantial experience forming nonprofit and other entities to advocate for the initiatives; advising regarding ethics and other reporting requirements; and handling the many other details required for a successful initiative petition campaign.

Representative Experience*

In recent years, we have represented the proponents of the following initiative petitions, among others:

We represented protestants in the following matters, among others:

*Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its merits.

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