Diversity Committee

Diversity Chairs

Christopher M. Staine
Phone: 214.420.2143

Crowe & Dunlevy values the strength that women, minority and LGBTQ lawyers add to the fabric of our firm. Our diversity committee focuses on how to best foster the recruiting, retention and professional development of attorneys, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. The committee evaluates how diversity makes us a better firm, and how it may best be used to serve the firm’s existing clients and develop relationships with potential new clients. It also seeks to help retain and advance the careers of women and minority lawyers within the firm.

Our diversity and recruitment committees implemented and now administer the Crowe & Dunlevy Diversity Scholars Program at the University of Oklahoma College of Law and the University of Tulsa College of Law. These programs provide financial support for diverse law students who establish need and show promise of enhancing our profession with their service. Crowe & Dunlevy also partners with local public schools to encourage diverse students to consider careers in the legal profession.

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